(or the 1st step in neoliberals anonymous is admitting u have a problem) 

ongoing project for non-specified mediums

Excerpt from essay: Why is NAA important for someone like you?

Maybe NAA (Neoliberals-anonymous Anomalous) is an edgy adolescent provocation, or an anti-self help guide? It’s certainly not clever or studied enough to be an inversion of strong-man rules-for-life (who has the time to watch Jordan Peterson crying about Christ during prime-time news interviews?). One thing’s for true: Capitalism is the original self-improvement program (next to Judeo-Christianity). It wants us to believe that if we effectively do more of what we did in the distantly-remembered yet perpetually-erased past … then things will magically improve for the better.

This temporal conflict is why we never get anywhere, why we never get the help we need! It is an erratic and unpredictable tempo governed by the mad spinning sextant of the Majority subject; an actor nauseatingly trying to maintain its violent interests, at any cost under the guise of what’s good for the gander. We really can’t afford this particular dance at this particular club anymore – despite how glamorous or edgy we think it looks. The line out-front and in-side made us feel far too ugly and hairy anyway.

Neoliberals-Anonymous welcomes conjurings, spells, speculations, invocations, derealisations, idealisations, accelerations; to locate out place within a particular terrain of coming-to-terms with the powers higher and lower than ourselves (and deciding which direction in the vertical axis we’re prepared to embrace in the long term). This is a big deal for us: so add to NAA, critique it, make it more of a failed-thing – trouble the imperial navigation of one flight path over another.

Time is always running out for poor people to make good. But in this late-stage, similar depletions are being drained, like so much abdominal fluid, from the middle too. Our wounds are induced from above and below (not transcendentally so, but definitely in the shin splints or the cortisol-panics). Sure, obscurity is the aim here. Not nihilism. Just not spectacle - rather a simple embrace of what Anna Tsing calls patchy times and places (which is just times and spaces lol). Totality was never really a thing anyway. Life finds its b(z)loomitudes in the cracks which we felt were filled but which were just vessels – of the tangles of gold-green moss spanning the bricks of the cop-shop at Gosford station (knowing the undoing long before we do). Keep coming back.

The operative term is jogging (anti-modern memory, as some important thinkers might say) not running (our mouths off, a sentiment other might salvage). There are no special or carefully selected people here (despite this provisional mode of address on this particular platform). Only one of many, many small picket line before the interminable collapse

©MMXXII James Hazel
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