James Hazel is composer, artist, and sonic researcher working on the unceded Gadigal Land of the Eora Nation. James’ work spans extended scoring practices, instrumental and electronic music; community organisational initiatives; speculative performances; and lateral sonic interventions.

As someone who lived in an underclass (social-housing) community for 14 years, James uses sound, language, utterence, and (re)performance to explore what it means to live, love, and listen under precarity.

James has commissioned and worked with myriad artists from low-socioeconomic backgrounds - particuarly through ADSR Zine. In this capacity, he also conducts community workshop programs  - recently as part of CLASS ACTIONS COLLECTIVE at Carriageworks in 2022 and with community groups at Maitland Regional Gallery.

James has ‘worked’ for the dole; various call centres; and, more recently as a casual academic in musicology at USYD.  James is co-founder of Danger/Dancer; The Opera Company; Sonant Bodies; and award winning publication ADSR Zine.

As a composer, James’s compositions have been performed/presented at: HighSCORE (Pavia, Italy); Gaudeamus/Screendive (Netherlands); Arts Incubator (Seoul); Charlotte New Music (North Carolina); and by groups such as Ensemble Offspring (Sydney); Ensemble Mise-en (New York); Sonya Holowell; Grammy nominated violist Diana Wade; Konzertprojekt; Gondwana Choirs; and saxaphonist Sam Gill (among others).

He has also composed extensively for contemporary dance, having collaborated with Catapult Dance; Dancemakers Collective; International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy, Kristina Chan, Omer Backley-Astrachan, Rhiannon Newton, and Adelina Larsson.

Hazel has exhibited/presented/developed sound-based work at: PACT Centre; Museum of Contemporary Art; Brand X; Metro Arts; Firstdraft; Performance Space/Carriageworks; March Dance; Lockup Gallery; ABC Radio National; Pinnacles Gallery; Liquid Achitecture; Crawl Space Radio/Bus Projects; Maitland Regional Art Gallery; Global Week (Seoul); and Bundanon Trust.

In 2022, James was awarded the APRA-AMCOS Art-Music Award (Experimental Category) with Elia Bosshard for their work with ADSR ZINE. In 2021, he was selected as an ABC Top 5 Researcher (Arts) ; a program supported by the University of Melboure and Australian Council for the Arts. 

James is currently developing work with Liquid Architecture as a guest editor for the DISCLAIMER Journal; a new audio work for ABC Radio National; a score for dance w/ choreographer Kristina Chan; and new music for Sydney Dance Company.

He is currently an artist-in-resident with ADSR ZINE at the City of Sydney Creative Studios/BRAND X with ADSR Zine.
contact here or via precarioustexts@gmail.com