Entangled Labours 

Multi-Channel Video, Sound, Subtitles, Performance (2021)

Currently exhibited: Working Class Creative Database - This Is Not A Show. This Is A Statement Of Intent (Pinnaple Black Gallery)

Entangled Labours is a video essay examining the politics (and poetics) of collaborating and musically transcribing my working-class father’s impromptu guitar improvisations - and arranging these for a new-music ensemble, thus creating an inverted cultural process. However, this is only one strain of a multifaceted project - when discussing this project together, my father and I relished in the absurd, and potentially moving/unique offerings such a collaboration could give rise to - and thus I am grateful for this offering of his improvisations for this work.

Through this series of compositional acts, the capital and ethics of the artist are examined within larger networks of labour, objects, and bodies - questioning entanglements in the exploitative and exclusive cultural economies that underpin both ‘high’ music and art.

Performed as part of Hatched Academy (Ensemble Offspring)