Entangled Labours 

Multi-Channel Video, Sound, Subtitles, Performance (2021)

Currently exhibited: Working Class Creative Database - This Is Not A Show. This Is A Statement Of Intent (Pinnaple Black Gallery)

Entangled Labours is a video essay examining the politics (and poetics) of collaborating and musically transcribing my working-class father’s impromptu guitar improvisations - and arranging these for a new-music ensemble, thus creating an inverted cultural process. 

Through this series of compositional acts, the capital and ethics of the artist/composer are examined within larger networks of labour, objects, and bodies - questioning entanglements in the complex cultural economies that underpin both ‘high’ music and art.

Footage from Rino Guitar Factory used with permission.

Performed/premiered as part of Hatched Academy (Ensemble Offspring)

©MMXXII James Hazel
All scores, texts, works available via request