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Gosford Regional Gallery; University of Helsinki; World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, Avant Project (Poland)
Ongoing sonic research and performance activity exploring the relationship between shared lives and livelihoods  across working-class social  spaces derealised by precarity, and development working with local ensembles, brassbands, community volunteers and  interviews with youth in the regions. Videography by Jeremy Elphick.



POOR/PARA OPERA(TIONS) is an exploratory ‘poor’ opera trilogy  concerned with making ‘cheap performances within one’s means’ across the three ecologies. The first iteration B(Z)LOOM ANONYMOU$ was performed as part of Liquid Architecture’s MONO-POLY; the second iteration THE MARINE ROOM, was performed and developed at PACT Centre with mentorship from choreographer Martin Del Amo. Documentation by Jeremy Elphick.

Collective comprised of: Gadigal/Bidgigal/Yuin Elder, Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor, Kaz Therese, James Hazel
(concerned with intersecting, lived experiences of poverty - across micro-geographies in an era of radical change) with a host of collaborators to articulate what ‘class’ means within the contemporary world.

theology no.1



Extended scores/songs/text


Livedreams/Performance Space, ADSR ZINE, RTM.FM, Radiophrenia (Glasgow)

Precareious scores explores classed/trauma’d embodiments through working-class vocality text, voice and utterance

i. hidden injuries (for voice and fixed media)
ii. transposing aspiration (for voice and field recordings

Introductory essay to collection of essays and creative works on the subject of working-class art practice


(under)scoring the commons; troubling the acoustics of urban renewal

Proceedings of the Conference of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, Atlanta Centre for the Arts, FL, March 23-26, 2023.

Research paper exploring Hazel’s ongoing “(under)scoring the commons” project with respect to what the composer terms an ‘extended transcription’ process.

ADSR ZINE (2019)

(Co-founded with Sonya Holowell and Elia Bosshard)

ADSR Zine is an online, quarterly publication that features diverse work from contributors who are, or who work with contemporary practising artists in Australia. Functioning from an 'art begets art' premise, we value the process of reflection, translation, interpretation, critical response and active engagement with Australian art and performance. Poster design by Elia  Bosshard.


The Ethics Centre
Political pamphlet produced by CLASS ACTIONS Collective on classed-pedagogies and participation in the arts. Designed by SEPT.  Design Studio

Critial response to Kaz Therese’s ‘Sleeplessness’

some things i should have told you  (2021)

for cello quartet, electronics and voice memos
Performed by Quartetto Zuena
at the  highSCORE Festival 2021 (Italy) Supported through CREATE NSW

hum (2019)

for Mixed Ensemble
Performed by Ensemble Mise-En (New York)

tryin’ to find a way thru this malaise (2023)

for Solo Double Bass, performed and commissioned by Will Hansen

'tryin' to find a way through this malaise' explores the phenomenon of 'waiting' in late-Stage capitalism - drawing on plain-chant, no-wave, and working-class colloquialism(s).

entangled labours (2020)

Video Lecture for Mixed Ensemble
Performed by Ensemble Offspring (Australia)

intimacy (dependence) (2018)

for 2-6 instruments of similar ranges
Performed by Ensemble Terra

©MMXXII James Hazel
All scores, texts, works available via request