some things i should have told you  (2021)

for cello quartet, electronics and voice memos
Performed by Quartetto Zuena
at the  highSCORE Festival 2021 (Italy) Supported through CREATE NSW

tryin’ to find a way thru this malaise (2023)

for Solo Double Bass, performed and commissioned by Will Hansen

'tryin' to find a way through this malaise' explores the phenomenon of 'waiting' in late-Stage capitalism - drawing on plain-chant, no-wave, and working-class colloquialism(s).

entangled labours (2020)

Video Lecture for Mixed Ensemble
Performed by Ensemble Offspring (Australia)

hum (2019)

for Mixed Ensemble
Performed by Ensemble Mise-En (New York)

intimacy (dependence) (2018)

for 2-6 instruments of similar ranges
Performed by Ensemble Terra

©MMXXII James Hazel
All scores, texts, works available via request