~scores for ensemble

~scores for dance


some things i should have told you  (2021)

for cello quartet, electronics and voice memos
Performed by Quartetto Zuena
at the  highSCORE Festival 2021 (Italy) Supported through CREATE NSW

hum (2019)

for Mixed Ensemble
Performed by Ensemble Mise-En (New York)

tryin’ to find a way thru this malaise (2023)

for Solo Double Bass, performed and commissioned by Will Hansen

'tryin' to find a way through this malaise' explores the phenomenon of 'waiting' in late-Stage capitalism - drawing on plain-chant, no-wave, and working-class colloquialism(s).

entangled labours (2020)

Video Lecture for Mixed Ensemble
Performed by Ensemble Offspring (Australia)

©MMXXII James Hazel
All scores, texts, works available via request