(Study for Bell Interiorities) (2020)

For Flute (doubling Piccolo), Clarinet (doubling bass clarinet), Percussion, Piano, Violin, Cello and Electronics

Link for Score

To what extent are sacralised sounds such as bells encoded with “an imperative to do something” - to coerce our behaviour through an ontology of acting?  HUM is a ritualised work inter-collectively co-composed with the resonant material of decaying school bells. Via the sonic and physical ritualisation of these (de)anchored sounds, this work reflects on questions of performative agency, interiority and resonance in the ongoing institutionalisation of human and non-human spaces.

Premiered by Ensemble MISE-EN (New York) at Arts Incubator, 'Incubating 3', Oil Tank Culture Park, as part of Global Week, Seoul (South Korea).

Arts Incubator
Sojin Yoon | Director
Guwon Jeong, Yeasul Shin, Goeun Kim | Project Manager
Yeabon Jo | Sound Engineer
Jaehwan Kim | Designer
Kwanhee Yoon | Photography & Videography