Neighbours_From_Hell!!!!!!!!!! (2020)

Live streamed video footage, text, and sound

Drawing and re(class)ifying classist noise and image sources bric-a-brac'd from nightly current affair programs (ACA, Today Tonight), 'neighbours_From_hell!!!!!!!!!!' uses media debris to critique skewed forms of working-class (un)representation. This completely improvised, polemical-pedagogical video essay explores the potential for political praxis as a "bad neighbour"; what is a neighbour from hell? How could this resist bougie dominion and subjugation of non-normative ways of being and living? What are localised underclass (en)soundings? How does this undermine convenient class stereotypes, and surveillance on macro and micro scales? How do we "stay with the trouble" of myriad forms of underclass and precarious ontologies? This is a essay for those upwardly to listen downwardly; a poor acoustics, by a working class practitioner.

Premiered at Noise Massive, Hibernation Lo-fi Festival.