As a research and writer, James is an editor and co-founder of ADSR Zine, a bi-monthly experimental arts publication James’ work has been featured in a number of publications; his work NOFUC was award the Sydney Fringe, Emerging Artist Award. James has also been a member of panels for festivals such as the National Young Writer’s Festival; and participated in the Writing for Experimental Performance program (Liveworks Festival) and Writing for Screen (NIDA).

Upcoming Publication: Practicing in the Liminal; A Hermeneutics of Ritualized Sonic Performance (2021)
ACT - Journal for Music and Performance (University of Bayreuth) 

Paper: The Collaborative Sonic Anarchive; Working Through Precarity (2021)
NoiseFloor UK (Experimental Music and Moving Image)
University of Staffordshire

The Big C Word; Class and Classical Music (2020)
Published in Limelight Magazine

Beyond the Performance of Noise (2020)
Published in AMC Resonate Journal

Letter to Pre(care)iousness (2020)
Published in ADSR Zine and Precarious Texts

Cont. Score Project; Questioning Utopias (2019)
Published in ADSR Zine

Silence (Dis)embodiment and Voice (2018)
Published in ADSR Zine