Published Writings

 1. Dancing on The Margins (2022)
    The Manifold, Minor Voci of Sonya Holowell
    Disclaimer/Liquid Architecture

2. The Big C Word; Class and Classical Music (2020)
     Limelight Magazine

3. pre(care)ious score no. 1 (hidden injuries) (2021)
    Firstdraft Gallery (Sydney) 
4. Beyond the Performance of Noise (2020)
    AMC Resonate Journal

5. Correspondance to/from a working-class artist
     ADSR ZINE/Precarious Texts


6. Practicing in the Liminal (2021)
    ACT (peer reviewed) Journal for Music and Performance (University of Bayreuth)


1. Paper: The Collaborative Sonic Anarchive; Working Through Precarity (2021)       
     NoiseFloor UK (Experimental Music and Moving Image)
    University of Staffordshire

2. Class Ceiling


1. Infinite Study/Infinite Debt
    Snack Syndicate/Liquid Architecture

2. Writing for Experiental Performance
    Runway Magazine/Liveworks

3. Dress for the Job you Want
    Bus Projects


1. Reference to “Cont. Score Project” in:
  Mees, Cleo. "Letters to Sheila: Improvisational scores in creative practice research."     
 Choreographic Practices 11, no. 1 (2020): 9-   27.

2, Fjord Review

3. Audrey Journal

4. Noise Not Music

5. Carriageworks

6. Intouch Magazine

7. Blacktown Arts

8. Broadsheet