What does gentrifications sound like? (2021)
ABC Radio National 

pre(care)ious score no. 1 (hidden injuries)
Firstdraft Gallery (Sydney)

Practicing in the Liminal; A Hermeneutics of Ritualized New Music (2021)
ACT (peer reviewed) Journal for Music and Performance (University of Bayreuth)

The Big C Word; Class and Classical Music (2020)
Published in Limelight Magazine

Beyond the Performance of Noise (2020)

Published in AMC Resonate Journal

Letter to Pre(care)iousness (2020)
Published in ADSR Zine and Precarious Texts

Cont. Score Project; Questioning Utopias (2019)
Published in ADSR Zine

Silence (Dis)embodiment and Voice (2018)
Published in ADSR Zine


Paper: The Collaborative Sonic Anarchive; Working Through Precarity (2021)
NoiseFloor UK (Experimental Music and Moving Image)
University of Staffordshire

Class Ceiling


Infinite Study/Infinite Debt
Snack Syndicate/Liquid Architecture

Writing for Experiental Performance
Runway Magazine/Liveworks

Dress for the Job you Want
Bus Projects


Reference to “Cont. Score Project” in:
Mees, Cleo. "Letters to Sheila: Improvisational scores in creative practice research."
Choreographic Practices 11, no. 1 (2020): 9-27.