(all scores available via request)

    1. Entangled Labours
    for Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Violin, Cello, Electronics (2019)

    Ensemble Offspring 

2. Intimacy (dependence
    for 2-6 instruments of mixed registers
    Performed by Ensemble Concept & Konzertproject

3. (en)sounding on my own (& sometimes with u too) (excerpt)
    for Viola, Voice, & Electronics (2021)
    Performed by Diana Wade
    Comissioned by the INMF (USA)

4. some things i should have told you (before i withdrew) (excerpt)
    for Cello Quartet (2021)
    Performed by Quartetto Zuena 
    at the highSCORE Festival 2021 (Italy)

    Supported through CREATE NSW

    See: Video documentation

5. HUM (excerpt)
    for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Percussion, Violin, Cello (2019)
    Ensemble Mise-En (New York) Arts Incubating III (Seoul)

    See: Video documentation

6. Just looking around...checking out the water (excerpt)
    for Alto Sax, Field Recordings, and Electronics (2018)
    Performed by Sam Gill, Sydney Conservatorium of Music (2018)

7. B(z)loom
   Dance score for ‘Garden’
    by Kristina Chan/Dancemakers Collective

8. Shimmering Towards Silence
    Score for dance w/ choreographer Kristina Chan (2020)

     See: Video documentation

9. Gestures (both known and unknown)       Installation for solo electronic guitar, fan, plecrums (2018)
     See: Video documentation

10. Concessions (for my father) 

   Electronic EP. Via precarious texts (2020)

11. Soporific Assemblage
    Electronic EP. Via precarious texts (2022)

12. Vector Fields; Volume 2 (Compilation)

©MMXXII James Hazel
All scores, texts, works available via request